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ThumbailLas Vegas authorities announce arrest, murder indictment in the death of Tupac Shakur
3m 55s
ThumbailColleges committing to more transparency in financial aid
5m 29s
ThumbailA Look Back at US Senator Dianne Feinstein's Career
6m 37s
ThumbailEx-ABC News reporter James Gordon Meek sentenced to 6 years in child porn case
9m 15s
ThumbailPhiladelphia rocked by second night of widespread looting as startling videos show aftermath shorts
15m 49s
Thumbail14-year-old regains eyesight after breakthrough treatment
15m 56s
ThumbailA bipartisan deal is ‘the only way you’re going to keep the government open’
15m 57s
ThumbailDetective explains the break that led to arrest in Tupac case
17m 22s
ThumbailFormer Sen. Heidi Heitkamp reflects on the legacy of Senator Dianne Feinstein | ABCNL
25m 33s
ThumbailLas Vegas police make arrest in Tupac case
29m 36s
ThumbailInside an exclusive 'FAKE' steakhouse, complete with milk servers, ‘celebs,’ and wedding proposal
36m 31s
ThumbailScott Hall enters plea in election interference case | ABCNL
38m 38s
ThumbailDad shares touching moment captured on doorbell camera between him and son
42m 45s
ThumbailVoters rate candidates' performances at GOP debate
45m 54s
ThumbailSen. Dianne Feinstein ‘singularly’ kept the ‘anti-gun violence movement’ alive
45m 57s
ThumbailCustomer Sues After Jack in the Box Employee Shoots at Him
49m 29s
Thumbail'Shark Tank' investors dish on new season
55m 15s
Thumbail‘Family Feud’ Murderer Says He’s Innocent
ThumbailCute Dog Has a Nose for Expensive Truffles
1h 29s
ThumbailArrest Made in 1996 Shooting Death of Rapper Tupac
1h 1m 57s
ThumbailWATCH: House floor as potential shutdown nears
1h 3m 46s
ThumbailMayor Eric Adams blasted for ‘lack of communication,’ slow response to massive storm: ‘Dumbfounded’
1h 5m 12s
ThumbailSuspect arrested in Tupac Shakur's murder
1h 5m 19s
ThumbailMcCarthy-backed bill to avoid government shutdown gets bipartisan rejection
1h 6m 24s
ThumbailSen. Dianne Feinstein remembered by Sen. Amy Klobuchar
1h 6m 51s
ThumbailHannity: The dominoes are falling
1h 15m 48s
ThumbailYellen Says a Government Shutdown Is ‘Dangerous and Unnecessary’
1h 15m 48s
ThumbailBREAKING: Arrest made in 1996 murder of rapper Tupac Shakur
1h 15m 49s
ThumbailWild videos show flooded LaGuardia Airport terminal, travelers attempting to flee shorts
1h 15m 56s
ThumbailWhy government might be shutting down 'for nothing'
1h 18m 33s
ThumbailNew York City streets flood after the region is hit with torrential rainfall shorts
1h 19m 27s
ThumbailOveruse of cannabis linked to heart failure, study shows
1h 22m 25s
ThumbailWatch: Las Vegas police give update on Tupac Shakur case | NBC News
1h 22m 45s
ThumbailPolice announce arrest in Tupac Shakur's murder | full video
1h 23m 1s
ThumbailNew York City sees major flooding with more rain expected, state of emergency declared
1h 25m 28s
ThumbailSen. Dianne Feinstein was "lonely voice" on gun laws for years, Sen. Chris Murphy says
1h 26m 53s
Thumbail17-year-old charged with murder of Elianne Andam
1h 35m 14s
ThumbailCalifornia Democrat Dianne Feinstein, longest-serving woman in Senate history, dead at 90
1h 43m 39s
ThumbailLatest on impeachment hearing against President Biden
1h 44m 32s
ThumbailSpeaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi: Sen. Dianne Feinstein ‘left us the way she lived: on her own terms’
1h 45m 56s
ThumbailKevin O'Leary: Elon Musk just made this a big issue
1h 45m 56s
ThumbailSee Start TODAY's October fitness plan
1h 45m 58s
Thumbail'Resounding rejection': House vote on stopgap funding fails
1h 45m 59s
ThumbailJeffries floats discharge petition after failed GOP vote
1h 47m 22s
ThumbailWho could fill Dianne Feinstein's Senate seat?
1h 49m 29s
Thumbail"Painkiller: The Tylenol Murders" | Official Trailer
1h 54m
ThumbailWoman Reunited With Pit Bull That Was Stolen 2 Days Earlier
1h 59m 11s
ThumbailMichigan school shooter may face life without parole
1h 59m 48s
ThumbailHATERS GONNA HATE: Hannity defends Taylor Swift shorts
2h 59s
ThumbailFlash floods sweep New York
2h 1m
ThumbailFormer California Sen. Barbara Boxer remembers Dianne Feinstein
2h 1m
ThumbailUAW expands strike to new Ford, G.M. plants, sending 7,000 more workers to picket lines
2h 1m 53s
Thumbail90,000 residents flee Nagorno-Karabakh amidst uncertain future
2h 2m 11s
ThumbailStreets turned into rivers as rain floods New York City shorts
2h 5m 35s
ThumbailSen. Dianne Feinstein through the years in Congress
2h 6m 35s
ThumbailDriver gets caught in flooded New York City street shorts
2h 6m 48s
ThumbailBus floods amid torrential rain in New York City shorts
2h 7m 42s
ThumbailBoy runs out for hug before dad leaves for work shorts
2h 8m 4s
Thumbail20mph zones could be curbed by Rishi Sunak
2h 13m 34s
ThumbailSuspect arrested in Tupac Shakur shooting death
2h 13m 47s
ThumbailTupac Shakur: Man arrested in connection with 1996 murder
2h 14m 57s
ThumbailHouse fails to pass GOP stopgap funding bill
2h 15m 27s
ThumbailAt 87, this grandpa sure knows how to party in Ibiza 🎉 shorts
2h 15m 35s
ThumbailGingrich sends fiery message to GOP: It's either Trump or Biden
2h 15m 35s
ThumbailExtended cut: Anne Hathaway opens up about aging in the spotlight
2h 15m 39s
ThumbailSinging Burglar Is Wanted by Police shorts
2h 15m 49s
ThumbailSchool bus crash: 14-year-old old and driver killed
2h 22m 39s
ThumbailWild videos show flooded LaGuardia Airport terminal, travelers attempting to flee ankle-deep waters
2h 25m 28s
ThumbailFamily grapples with affording medication for daughter amid government shutdown
2h 27m 58s
ThumbailTrump supporters fill GOP convention in Anaheim
2h 29m 26s
ThumbailWhat to know about the 1st Biden impeachment hearing
2h 30m 59s
ThumbailFormer President Trump to speak at GOP convention in Anaheim
2h 31m 31s
ThumbailTop US general appears to take shot at Trump during retirement speech
2h 32m 36s
Thumbail'Knife crime must be public health issue'
2h 36m 26s
ThumbailBiden snaps at climate heckler during Arizona speech honoring John McCain: ‘Shush up’
2h 39m 22s
ThumbailDianne Feinstein’s biographer on how the longest-serving woman in the Senate shaped U.S. politics
2h 45m 34s
ThumbailTulsi Gabbard: No one can say this about Donald Trump
2h 45m 57s
Thumbail3 common recycling mistakes
2h 52m 57s
ThumbailMustang goes airborne, plows into Grand Terrace home
2h 56m 57s
ThumbailMore than 50 people are dead after 2 bombings in Pakistan | ABCNL
3h 54s
ThumbailNYC streets turn into raging rivers during epic downpour flooding roads and subways shorts
3h 58s
ThumbailKevin O'Leary eviscerates Senate as shutdown looms: 'I'm more than pissed' shorts
3h 1m
ThumbailTupac Shakur murder: Man connected to suspected shooter in 1996 killing arrested in Las Vegas
3h 4m 16s
ThumbailLawmakers clash at the House Oversight Committee to impeach President Biden shorts
3h 4m 56s
ThumbailSuspect arrested in 1996 Tupac Shakur shooting death
3h 8m 12s
ThumbailWatch: TODAY All Day - Sept. 29
3h 8m 56s
ThumbailMayor Adams declares state of emergency in NYC after flooding
3h 9m 11s
ThumbailMan arrested in connection to 1996 killing of rapper Tupac Shakur
3h 10m 22s
ThumbailVideo shows racist assault on Boston train
3h 15m 29s
ThumbailExtreme flooding hits New York City, Gov. Hochul declares state of emergency
3h 15m 37s
Thumbail'Engineered by kindergarteners': Dem Rep on looming shutdown
3h 15m 42s
ThumbailExtended cut: “Hot Ones” host Sean Evans reflects on the success of his hit show
3h 15m 49s
ThumbailNew York Flooding: Torrential Rain Swamps Streets, Subways
3h 15m 55s
ThumbailSuspect arrested in Tupac Shakur murder: Report
3h 19m 40s
ThumbailKarine Jean-Pierre blames 'extreme' Republicans for looming government shutdown
3h 22m 35s
ThumbailYanis Varoufakis: 'Starmer is spineless, but so is Sunak'
3h 29m
ThumbailWATCH: White House holds briefing as government shutdown looms
3h 29m 32s
ThumbailEntrepreneur talks motivation, shows how she makes pumpkin spice tres leches cake
3h 31m
ThumbailWatch: White House holds press briefing | NBC News
3h 31m 37s
ThumbailArrest made in connection with the murder of Tupac Shakur
3h 31m 47s
ThumbailWATCH: A whirlpool formed on Brooklyn’s 4th Avenue amid flash flooding
3h 34m 22s
ThumbailHouse observes moment of silence for Feinstein
3h 35m 9s
ThumbailHe lost a leg, learned to walk again, and is back on the battlefield
3h 38m 46s
ThumbailFlorida teen dies after being struck by lightning
3h 45m 54s
ThumbailDog is very excited to take a nap l GMA
3h 45m 57s
Thumbail'A groundbreaker:' Dianne Feinstein’s legacy
3h 45m 57s
ThumbailAl Roker shares exclusive first look at Minion Land
3h 45m 59s
ThumbailAOC not happy after Elon Musk visits border
3h 46m
ThumbailThe Sound of Dread: Listen to the Aztec Death Whistle, the World's Most Terrifying Sound
3h 52m 24s
ThumbailTwo dead after school bus overturns
3h 56m 12s
ThumbailLongest-Serving Female US Senator Dianne Feinstein Dead at 90
3h 57m 58s
ThumbailJoe Concha DOUBLES DOWN on criticism of Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce romance shorts
4h 59s
ThumbailThe story behind the crosses honoring those lost in the Maui fires l GMA
4h 1m
ThumbailSenators deliver tributes to Dianne Feinstein
4h 1m 1s
ThumbailFilipino diver cuts China’s floating barrier
4h 14m 46s
ThumbailSteve Kornacki has the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce stats you need
4h 15m 18s
ThumbailThis evidence is 'damning': Byron Donalds
4h 15m 28s
ThumbailBiden thanks Gen. Milley for his 'invaluable' partnership at farewell ceremony
4h 15m 34s
ThumbailTupac Shakur case: Suspect arrested in 1996 killing
4h 15m 41s
ThumbailSen. Chuck Schumer honors Dianne Feinstein on Senate floor in emotional tribute
4h 15m 55s
ThumbailUAW Expands Strike to 7,000 More Workers at GM, Ford
4h 15m 59s
ThumbailSchumer pays tribute to Dianne Feinstein, who died at 90
4h 20m 56s
ThumbailBoy arrested after famed tree felled
4h 22m 26s
ThumbailA look at the sights, sounds and flavors of Miami l GMA
4h 30m 59s
ThumbailWatch: Pelosi leads moment of silence for Sen. Feinstein in the House
4h 31m
ThumbailPhiladelphia rocked by second night of widespread looting as startling videos show aftermath
4h 31m 11s
ThumbailMeet The U.S. Drone Company Supplying The NYPD With Crime-Fighting Drones
4h 34m 38s
ThumbailCompeting for a cause at the Malibu Triathlon
4h 38m 52s
ThumbailSee the Pacific Airshow in Huntington Beach
4h 38m 55s
ThumbailPutin meets with top Wagner commander Andrei Troshev
4h 44m 19s
ThumbailFox host flips the script, questions TRUMP'S mental fitness
4h 45m 51s
ThumbailDylan Dreyer meets with winners of People's Choice Country Awards
4h 45m 52s
Thumbail‘SCREWED UP PRIORITIES’: Buttigieg unloads on GOP's 'made up' impeachment inquiry
4h 45m 57s
ThumbailMonth’s worth of rain floods NYC subway and streets
4h 51m 4s
ThumbailSen. Feinstein talks about protecting Roe v. Wade through court appointments
5h 1m 6s
ThumbailWhite House press briefing with Press Sec Karine Jean-Pierre
5h 8m 33s
ThumbailVictoria's Secret goes from the runway to a world tour | Nightline
5h 11m 1s
ThumbailUS Set for Third Quarter Expansion
5h 11m 19s
ThumbailRob Gronkowski and Camille Kostek brave intense ice bath l GMA
5h 14m 1s
ThumbailEscaped Goats Herded by Police Dog shorts
5h 15m 13s
ThumbailIs using ChatGPT for school cheating or a new form of learning?
5h 15m 43s
ThumbailBiden Tells Heckler to 'Shush' During Speech in Arizona
5h 15m 51s
ThumbailSenate leadership remember Sen. Dianne Feinstein.
5h 23m 41s
ThumbailNSYNC drops new song ‘Better Place’ l GMA
5h 23m 47s
ThumbailHeavy rain triggers flash flooding in Brooklyn, New York
5h 30m 15s
ThumbailSen. Dianne Feinstein obit
5h 30m 37s
ThumbailSen. Mitch McConnell reflects on the life and legacy of Senator Dianne Feinstein
5h 30m 55s
ThumbailSee the Pacific Airshow in Huntington Beach
5h 42m 3s
ThumbailWoman loses life savings after falling victim to romance scam l GMA
5h 44m 26s
ThumbailSchumer, McConnell address Feinstein's passing on Senate floor
5h 45m 43s
ThumbailAOC slammed text message evidence of alleged corruption in the impeachment inquiry hearing.
5h 45m 50s
ThumbailMcCarthy honors Sen. Feinstein as someone who 'broke barriers'
5h 45m 50s
ThumbailUganda LGBT crackdown: enforcement of new law begins
5h 47m 26s
ThumbailSen. Dianne Feinstein obit
5h 49m 30s
ThumbailThe Catchup: Shutdown looms while Trump insinuates top general should face execution shorts
5h 55m 26s
ThumbailUAW set to expand strike as negotiations stall with Big 3 automakers l GMA
6h 2m 13s
ThumbailMcCarthy points finger at Biden, Senate as shutdown looms
6h 2m 18s
ThumbailWatch celebrity interviews, entertaining tips and TODAY Show exclusives | TODAY All Day - Sept. 29
6h 2m 38s
ThumbailSpeaker McCarthy speaks urging fellow House Republicans to avoid a government shutdown
6h 2m 45s
ThumbailSlovakia election could shift country's support from Ukraine to Russia
6h 4m 4s
Thumbail'We lost a giant': Schumer, McConnell address Feinstein's passing on Senate floor
6h 5m 40s
ThumbailNew California law raises minimum wage for fast-food workers l GMA
6h 12m 50s
ThumbailSee China’s first high-speed overwater bullet train line
6h 13m 38s
ThumbailJimmy Carter turns 99 this weekend as well wishes roll in
6h 15m 13s
ThumbailNew York police seize 40 lbs of fentanyl from Bronx drug mill l GMA
6h 15m 32s
ThumbailBiden Blasts GOP Silence Toward Trump's 'Extremist’ MAGA Movement
6h 15m 37s
ThumbailPoll shows how personal politics affects how people feel about Covid vaccine
6h 15m 45s
ThumbailSenator Chuck Schumer honors the late Senator Dianne Feinstein on the Senate floor
6h 18m 9s
ThumbailHow you can prepare for the impact of a government shutdown
6h 20m 4s
ThumbailWATCH: McCarthy holds a news conference as government braces for shutdown
6h 23m 13s
ThumbailPakistan: Dozens killed in twin attacks on mosques
6h 26m 14s
ThumbailMajor storms target East Coast with heavy rain and flash flooding expected l GMA
6h 30m 59s
Thumbail'That's risky': Honig reacts to Trump being on witness list
6h 31m 19s
ThumbailSen. Dianne Feinstein dead at 90 l GMA
6h 32m 12s
ThumbailThe Catchup: Shutdown looms while Trump insinuates top general should face execution
6h 32m 48s
ThumbailMorning News NOW Full Broadcast – Sept. 29
6h 34m 30s
Thumbail6-Month-Old Baby From Viral Swimming Video Helped Save Lives
6h 35m 57s
ThumbailGovernment agencies warn employees to brace for shutdown l GMA
6h 38m 38s
ThumbailBiden impeachment inquiry: How the first hearing went
6h 45m 42s
ThumbailMimi Rocah: It doesn’t look good for Trump 
6h 45m 43s
ThumbailJoe: Sen. Feinstein was constantly looking for bipartisan legislation
6h 45m 54s
ThumbailSen. Dianne Feinstein dies at age 90
6h 48m 17s
ThumbailSenator Dianne Feinstein has passed away at age 90.
7h 9m 46s
ThumbailLooking back at Dianne Feinstein as a Senate trailblazer for women
7h 15m 20s
ThumbailFDA updates Ozempic warning label
7h 15m 22s
ThumbailDianne Feinstein, Longest-Serving Female US Senator, Dies at 90
7h 16m 50s
ThumbailFOX 11’s Elex Michaelson discusses Feinstein’s death
7h 21m 56s
ThumbailSen. Dianne Feinstein dies at age 90
7h 43m 23s
ThumbailLAPD investigating Metro Station shooting
7h 43m 55s
ThumbailTrump to address California GOP convention
7h 44m 49s
ThumbailStudent loan repayments restart this weekend: What to know
7h 45m 45s
ThumbailGOP witnesses say there is no evidence yet that Joe Biden committed a crime
7h 45m 57s
ThumbailWilt Chamberlain's championship jersey sells for $4.9M
7h 46m 2s
ThumbailWATCH LIVE: United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain gives negotiations update
7h 47m 12s
ThumbailRemembering Sen. Dianne Feinstein
7h 58m 32s
ThumbailRemembering the life and career of Dianne Feinstein
8h 8m 31s
ThumbailHouse committee holds contentious 1st hearing on Biden impeachment inquiry
8h 9m 2s
Thumbail17-year-old boy charged with murder of Elianne Andam
8h 14m
ThumbailFirst Look: The Meta Quest 3 brings VR into the real world
8h 15m 36s
ThumbailWoman Finds $25,000 Hidden Treasure After 51-Day Search
8h 43m 44s
ThumbailAdorable 8-Year-Old Boy Flags Down His Dad for Goodbye Hug
8h 44m 32s
Thumbail'We need to teach AI in school'
9h 1m 16s
ThumbailZelenskiy: Ukraine NATO Membership 'Guarantees Lasting Peace'
9h 15m 8s
ThumbailThis Microbe May Someday Replace Your Steak
10h 15m 59s
ThumbailYanis Varoufakis on the death of capitalism, Starmer and the tyranny of big tech
10h 33m 2s
ThumbailPresident Biden delivers remarks honoring late Senator John McCain
13h 27m 49s
ThumbailPence Says He'd Reinstate Transgender Ban in US Military
21h 15m 56s
ThumbailRemains of Missing Mom Suzanne Morphew Found 3 Years Later
22h 8m 52s
ThumbailMan Arrested in Connection With Murder of Tech Entrepreneur
22h 11m 3s
ThumbailThe second Republican primary debate, in 3 minutes
22h 45m 49s
ThumbailPutin Shows South Sudan President How to Put on Translation Earpiece
23h 15m 32s
ThumbailWith Trump’s lead, these GOP debates don't matter | Opinion
23h 16m 15s
ThumbailChris Christie Calls Trump ‘Donald Duck’ at 2nd GOP Debate
23h 34m 1s
ThumbailU.S. House panel holds first Biden impeachment inquiry hearing
23h 52m 14s
ThumbailZelenskiy Holds Talks With NATO Chief Stoltenberg in Kyiv
1d 1h 15m 48s
ThumbailGov. Newsom praises Taylor Swift for helping 35,000 register to vote with Instagram post shorts
1d 1h 47m 57s
ThumbailUK exclusive: U2 on their Las Vegas show at new ‘Sphere’ concert venue
1d 2h 9m 19s
ThumbailNiger coup: What are the global implications of the military’s takeover?
1d 2h 11m 40s
ThumbailKey Takeaways From the Second Republican Debate
1d 3h 15m 48s
ThumbailTruth about fish oil supplements: Many are rancid shorts
1d 3h 41m 29s
ThumbailEquities Stall as Investors Lose Faith in Fed Pivot
1d 3h 54m 50s
ThumbailGermany's Scholz Cautious on EU Probe Into Chinese EVs
1d 4h 15m 48s
ThumbailHow 'The Squadron' teaches CEOs Shorts
1d 5h 15m 20s
ThumbailThe lone Democrat working the GOP spin room
1d 7h 9m 17s
ThumbailIt's Now Or Never For The GOP Candidates | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
1d 7h 22m 34s
ThumbailCrown insignia links British monarchy to slave trade
1d 7h 42m 5s
ThumbailWhat younger Republicans want from the GOP field
1d 20h 26m 40s
ThumbailAmid calls to resign, Menendez constituents weigh in
1d 22h 18m 10s
ThumbailCalifornia Voters Explain Why They Are Leaning Toward Trump In 2024 | FiveThirtyEight
2d 1h 25m 42s
ThumbailCan Republicans Turn ‘Reagan Country’ Red Again? | FiveThirtyEight
2d 4h 31m 13s
ThumbailHow American Airlines Makes 15,000 Meals A Day
2d 5h 15m 36s
ThumbailWhy some economists think the immigration and labor crises are related Shorts
3d 5h 15m 56s
ThumbailWhy Our Politics Are Stuck In 2016 | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
3d 21h 19m 26s
ThumbailWhy Factories Are Coming Back To The U.S.
4d 5h 15m 32s
ThumbailWe bought a $10 smartwatch from Temu. Here's how it stacks up against the Apple Watch Shorts
5d 5h 15m 37s
ThumbailThe Truth Behind ‘Unlimited’ Vacation Plans
6d 5h 15m 27s
ThumbailHow Car Makers Are Switching To EVs | CNBC Marathon
7d 5h 15m 9s
ThumbailThe second largest economy in the world is in trouble. Here's why. Shorts
8d 5h 15m 48s
ThumbailCould Deep-Sea Mining Fix The Global Minerals Shortage?
9d 5h 15m 55s
ThumbailHow Consumers Can Manifest Inflation
10d 5h 15m 57s
ThumbailWorkers Are Striking And Americans Are Into It | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
10d 21h 27m 2s
ThumbailBitcoin’s Next Bull Run: Three Big Trends To Watch
11d 4h 48m 49s
ThumbailDriving The World’s Fastest EV — The $2.1 Million Rimac Nevera
12d 5h 15m 55s
ThumbailWhy The NYC Subway Is Such A Mess
13d 5h 15m 50s
ThumbailPresident Biden’s Ambitious New Plan To Help Student Debt, Explained
14d 5h 15m 15s
ThumbailWhy Biden Is Losing Support Among Voters Of Color | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
17d 22h 17m 45s
ThumbailIs Donald Trump The Inevitable GOP Nominee? | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
22d 21h 36m 11s
ThumbailLessons From A Trump-Less Debate
36d 2h 25m 19s
ThumbailWhy the GOP is holding its first debate in Wisconsin
37d 19h 24m 19s
ThumbailHow Well Can You Tell The 2024 GOP Candidates Apart? | FiveThirtyEight
38d 9h 46m 13s
ThumbailWhat The GOP Primary Looks Like In The Early States | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
38d 23h 42m 43s
ThumbailWhat's The Deal With The GOP Debate Criteria? | FiveThirtyEight
43d 5h 43m 3s
ThumbailThree Georgia Law Professors Weigh In On Trump's Latest Indictment | FiveThirtyEight
45d 1m 20s
ThumbailWho Is The Likeliest GOP VP Candidate? | FiveThirtyEight Politic Podcast
46d 1h 30m 56s
ThumbailThe 2024 Election According To The Country's Best Pollster | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
52d 22h 33m 31s