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Thumbail'It's a crime': Weissmann on Trump's gun store moment
15m 52s
ThumbailHannity: Biden’s act has collapsed
20m 52s
ThumbailNewest car theft threat: carhackers
27m 25s
ThumbailHome security video shows how quickly your vehicle could get carhacked
28m 11s
Thumbail'I have much higher standards in men.': Hutchinson rejects Gaetz claim; Calls out creeps 
30m 21s
ThumbailSaltwater intrusion threatens New Orleans' water supply
30m 25s
Thumbail9/25: America Decides
30m 47s
Thumbail'They have no goods': Pelosi blasts House GOP over bogus Biden impeachment inquiry
45m 49s
ThumbailStay Tuned NOW with Gadi Schwartz - Sept. 25 | NBC News NOW
45m 52s
ThumbailPoll finds voters concerned by Biden's age
1h 21s
ThumbailTop Story with Tom Llamas - Sept. 25 | NBC News NOW
1h 15m 49s
ThumbailJesse Watters: Bezos sends Biden a message
1h 15m 50s
ThumbailTennessee inmate Kevin Burns fights for freedom from death row
1h 15m 52s
ThumbailThe history of LA's street vendors
1h 24m 41s
ThumbailNightly News Full Broadcast - Sept. 25
1h 30m 22s
ThumbailSheila Johnson on new memoir and her inspiring journey as an entrepreneur
1h 30m 38s
ThumbailCourt: Board of Supervisors can't hold Villanueva in contempt
1h 32m 9s
ThumbailReport: Lanlords have been turning housing into tourist hotels
1h 35m 44s
ThumbailWhat's next for Hollywood after tentative WGA deal
1h 38m 18s
ThumbailSam Jay’s new special is about 'trying to just mirror ourselves for ourselves'
1h 41m 8s
ThumbailNation's first Youth Poet Laureate on why she still feels optimism
1h 41m 52s
ThumbailPolice chase speeding motorcyclist through LA County
1h 57m 49s
ThumbailBruce Willis’ wife opens up about actor’s condition amid FTD awareness week
2h 31s
Thumbail9/25: Prime Time with John Dickerson
2h 9m 8s
ThumbailVenezuelan migrants flee economic strife
2h 9m 29s
ThumbailHallie Jackson NOW - Sept. 25 | NBC News NOW
2h 15m 50s
ThumbailLahaina residents return home after wildfires
2h 18m 44s
ThumbailWhat topics could come up at the 2nd Republican debate?
2h 23m 33s
ThumbailIngraham: This is an assault on our sovereignty
2h 25m 52s
ThumbailHow can the Senate address Sen. Menendez's indictment?
2h 25m 58s
ThumbailCountdown to government shutdown begins
2h 30m 7s
ThumbailJames Patterson and Mike Lupica discuss new book, '12 Months to Live' | GMA
2h 30m 26s
ThumbailSchool districts assessing reading programs as students test scores fall
2h 30m 28s
ThumbailUS Abrams Tanks Have Arrived in Ukraine, Zelenskiy Says
2h 30m 36s
ThumbailHollywood turns to actors' strike after writers reach tentative deal
2h 33m 33s
Thumbail"Survivor" host Jeff Probst reveals what to expect in Season 45
2h 34m 24s
ThumbailPutin critic says Russia ordered shooting at his home
2h 38m 2s
ThumbailPotential government shutdown approaching
2h 42m 14s
ThumbailPossible plans to turn freeway into low-cost housing
2h 43m 54s
ThumbailLong Covid-19 impacts some adults’ blood biomarkers, new study finds
2h 45m 52s
ThumbailMan, woman wanted in Downey bar quadruple shooting
2h 55m 47s
ThumbailABC News Prime: NJ Sen. Bob Menendez denies charges; Kevin Burns on death row; Sam Jay on special
2h 56m 34s
ThumbailShuttle crashes head-on into school bus
2h 58m 21s
ThumbailFDNY loses as many from 9/11-related illnesses as they did that fateful day
3h 38s
ThumbailBaton Rouge Police accused of abusing detainees in warehouse
3h 3m 47s
ThumbailWriters celebrate tentative deal with studios
3h 7m
ThumbailJudge Jeanine: The Democratic Party is a ‘macro-cult’
3h 15m 49s
ThumbailAn inside look at the crisis at the southern border
3h 15m 51s
Thumbail16th bus carrying migrants arrives in LA
3h 21m 45s
ThumbailSen. Menedez defies calls to resign following indictment
3h 25m 23s
ThumbailWriters reach deal with studios, Maui residents return and more | Prime Time with John Dickerson
3h 30m 6s
ThumbailFederal government shutdown could have tough consequences on Americans
3h 30m 36s
ThumbailLarge Moose Strolls Through Alaska Parking Lot shorts
3h 30m 43s
ThumbailRise in wind energy jobs and a fishing program that inspires youth | Eye on America
3h 30m 46s
ThumbailBiden Blasts 'Extreme' House Republicans as US Shutdown Nears
3h 30m 51s
ThumbailWhy Our Politics Are Stuck In 2016 | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
3h 34m 18s
ThumbailWatch This! Apple Music announces Super Bowl halftime headliner
3h 45m 51s
ThumbailSenator Bob Menendez defiant amid calls to resign
3h 45m 52s
ThumbailMan describes what he saw during near-death experience
3h 51m 19s
Thumbail'The willful ignorance' of Trump's GOP: Pro-democracy advocates fear ex-president's return
4h 36s
ThumbailGutfeld: The machine is turning on Joe
4h 45s
ThumbailUsing artificial intelligence to make Michelin-starred meals
4h 48s
ThumbailHollywood writers and major studios reach tentative deal
4h 48s
ThumbailMaui Strong: Lahaina residents allowed to return
4h 51s
ThumbailDemocrats respond to recent 2024 polling
4h 10m 40s
ThumbailBiden, Trump set to visit striking autoworkers in Michigan
4h 11m 44s
ThumbailCalifornia restaurant responds to backlash over 18% service charge for parties of 1 or more
4h 14m 44s
ThumbailAre you husband material?
4h 15m 50s
ThumbailMcCarthy urges lawmakers to avert government shutdown
4h 25m 11s
ThumbailDad of 6 who spent months biking to work to provide for his kids gifted new car
4h 27m 4s
ThumbailWatch: TODAY All Day - Sept. 25
4h 30m 16s
ThumbailUkraine attacked Russia's Black Sea fleet. See how Russia responded
4h 30m 25s
ThumbailBiden Meets Pacific Island Leaders at White House for 2-Day Summit
4h 30m 33s
ThumbailSerb gunmen battle police in Kosovo monastery siege
4h 30m 37s
ThumbailWhat you need to know about credit cards for college students
4h 30m 39s
ThumbailTop Dem Rep: Cassidy Hutchinson showed 'more courage' than 'old guys she worked with'
4h 30m 45s
ThumbailWatch the second Republican primary debate on FOX: 'The Five' gives Perino tips
4h 45m 19s
Thumbail21-Year-Old Woman Survives ‘Dukes of Hazzard-Like’ Crash
4h 45m 39s
ThumbailAmanda Gorman wants to speak with, not for, young people
4h 45m 52s
ThumbailStriking Writers Reach Tentative Agreement With Studios
4h 46m 48s
ThumbailHow this Senate candidate is fighting to flip the script on Florida's GOP dominance
5h 48s
ThumbailWhat are exercise heart rate zones?
5h 52s
ThumbailDance your way into good health with this full body workout
5h 30m 28s
ThumbailPremenstrual disorder associated with early menopause, study shows
5h 30m 30s
Thumbail15 Tons of Seized Drugs Burned in Peru shorts
5h 30m 32s
Thumbail'Unprecedented': Trump calls media 'enemy of the people' as concerns of violence spike
5h 30m 33s
ThumbailJesse Watters: This guy is even stupider than the Bidens
5h 30m 44s
ThumbailThousands Flee to Armenia After Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh
5h 30m 52s
ThumbailNew Jersey Senator Accused of Bribery and Extortion
5h 39m 4s
ThumbailOfficials give update on San Pedro plane crash
5h 44m 48s
ThumbailDebris from botched demolition nearly hits car, passersby in Miami
5h 45m 52s
ThumbailSmall plane crashes onto soccer field in LA County
5h 54m 39s
Thumbail1st Black female NYPD police surgeon discusses new role
6h 48s
ThumbailJonathan Turley: Menendez press conference was rather pathetic
6h 49s
ThumbailFmr. Defense Secretary Esper on Mark Milley's legacy and the nation's biggest threats
6h 51s
Thumbail‘The Amazing Race’ alum Jody Kelly dead at 85
6h 1m 41s
ThumbailPodcast of the Month: Love Thang with Punkie Johnson
6h 7m 15s
ThumbailScientists spot a ‘ghostly’ rare octopus
6h 8m 54s
ThumbailNew lawsuit filed against Lizzo
6h 8m 57s
ThumbailL.A. Mission hosts event to help those affected by WGA strike
6h 15m 3s
ThumbailHow Taylor Swift engages with the culture
6h 15m 52s
ThumbailUFO Livestream I Watch Some Of Our Favorite UFO Stories!
6h 16m 49s
ThumbailTikTok faces racial discrimination lawsuit
6h 18m 2s
ThumbailWATCH: Giraffe Catches Raindrops With Tongue at Maryland Zoo shorts
6h 20m 52s
ThumbailShirtless Man Leads California Cops on Chase in Golf Cart
6h 20m 56s
ThumbailTwin with this these fashionable mom and daughter matching looks
6h 30m 27s
ThumbailHollywood Screenwriters Reach Deal to End Five-Month Strike
6h 30m 39s
ThumbailRep. Boyle (D-PA) on looming shutdown: 'I continue to fight against it'
6h 30m 49s
ThumbailTrump ogles pistol with his face on it during South Carolina swing
6h 39m 43s
ThumbailKeke Palmer on whether she and Darius Jackson are together
6h 45m 51s
ThumbailState Trooper Accused of Improperly Committing Ex-Girlfriend
6h 50m 31s
ThumbailLittle boy magically transformed into prince at Disney World
6h 59m 33s
ThumbailAlligator killed in Florida after a woman’s remains were found in its jaws shorts
7h 42s
ThumbailAndy McCarthy: Menendez made a big mistake with this
7h 48s
ThumbailMichigan Dem warns Biden against intervening with auto workers strike
7h 51s
ThumbailMom discovers her toddler asleep on bathroom floor for the sweetest reason
7h 51s
ThumbailEmma Heming Willis says Bruce would want their family to "be in the joy of what is"
7h 52s
Thumbail4 tips to help you be a better phone caller
7h 6m 55s
ThumbailMenendez rejects calls to resign following indictment
7h 15m 50s
ThumbailMenendez could have made all that money ‘above board’: Theissen
7h 15m 50s
ThumbailHair-Raising Hair Controversies
7h 15m 51s
ThumbailCouple uses music to share their love when speaking becomes difficult
7h 16m 19s
ThumbailMcDonald’s worker shares shocking breakfast secrets: ‘They won’t tell y’all this’
7h 16m 40s
ThumbailTaylor Swift attends Chiefs game with Travis Kelce's mom
7h 21m 31s
ThumbailCharlie Sykes: House Republicans want to ‘devalue the coin of impeachment’
7h 30m 32s
ThumbailMegyn Kelly reacts to poll showing 47% of Dems support free speech limits shorts
7h 30m 40s
ThumbailTrudeau: Canada 'Embarrassed' After MPs Applaud Former Nazi Soldier
7h 30m 45s
ThumbailMcEnany: This is the 'brilliance' of Kamala and AOC
7h 30m 45s
ThumbailRefresh your fall wardrobe with these affordable Amazon finds
7h 30m 47s
ThumbailPolice investigate 'number of allegations' following claims in news reports about Russell Brand
7h 31m 29s
ThumbailTentative deal struck to end the Hollywood writers strike
7h 33m 13s
ThumbailFrance to remove troops and ambassador from Niger after coup
7h 39m 38s
ThumbailService dog falls asleep while meeting Mickey Mouse
7h 49m 17s
ThumbailRide passengers left upside down for 30 minutes after theme park malfunction
7h 54m 16s
ThumbailLib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey announces plan to drop national housing targets
7h 59m 22s
ThumbailMother of murdered Idaho college student makes surprise appearance at CrimeCon
8h 49s
ThumbailAnita McBride: ‘There’s no position description for a first lady.’ They can ‘make it their own.’
8h 51s
ThumbailWasps Sting Officers and Suspect They Were Trying to Arrest shorts
8h 4m 2s
Thumbail'A brilliant feat': Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how capsule grabbed asteroid sample
8h 5m 59s
ThumbailCalifornia sober or California stoner?
8h 15m 50s
ThumbailTrump, Biden deadlocked in hypothetical rematch, NBC poll shows
8h 15m 52s
ThumbailThousands of ethnic Armenians flee as Azerbaijan forces seize control
8h 20m 27s
ThumbailHS2 row: Rishi Sunak says he’s committed to ‘levelling up’
8h 24m 53s
ThumbailSimone Biles ‘heartbroken’ by ‘racist’ viral video
8h 26m 37s
ThumbailTrapped Passengers Scream While Stuck Upside-Down on Ride
8h 27m 14s
ThumbailUAW Strike: Trump, Biden to Vie for Union Vote in Detroit This Week
8h 30m 24s
ThumbailWhy 'shoulder season' is the best time of year to travel and save
8h 30m 32s
ThumbailThree NYC migrants charged with domestic violence over the weekend
8h 30m 32s
ThumbailRUSSIA REVIVAL: Hillary Clinton warns Putin will try to interfere in 2024 election
8h 30m 48s
Thumbail‘Roughest of all the numbers for President Biden’ show low enthusiasm among key voter demographics
8h 30m 52s
ThumbailUAW member talks about picket lines, working conditions as strike continues
8h 38m 16s
ThumbailTaylor Swift cheers on Travis Kelce at Chiefs game
8h 46m 15s
Thumbail'I'm very pro-choice': Watch Trump's evolving position on abortion
8h 48m 50s
Thumbail‘Happily Never After’ | 20/20 Season Premiere | Friday, Sept. 29 on ABC
8h 50m 9s
ThumbailArmy stand down as Met firearms officers return to duty
8h 51m 46s
ThumbailWhite House press briefing with Press Sec Karine Jean-Pierre
8h 53m 24s
ThumbailHair-raising moment Ukrainian kamikaze drone flies into Russian forest hideout and explodes
8h 59m 38s
ThumbailFlamingos spotted in Wisconsin!
9h 7s
ThumbailNASA scientist on how OSIRIS-Rex mission could change what we know about space | ABCNL
9h 19m 46s
ThumbailCrude Oil’s Surge Is a Headwind for Equity Markets
9h 25m 26s
ThumbailOut-of-work NYC doorman living off Twinkies begs for job outside Tiffany’s
9h 26m 29s
Thumbail‘The Wiz’ musical is coming to Broadway on April 17
9h 30m 21s
ThumbailErdogan Visits Azerbaijani Outpost Amid Regional Tensions
9h 30m 45s
ThumbailAstrophysicist explains why NASA milestone is 'incredible'
9h 58m 39s
ThumbailGunmen clashed with police in Kosovo monastery siege
9h 59m 32s
ThumbailCelebrate Hispanic culture with picks from these small businesses
10h 47s
ThumbailAI-generated naked child images circulate Spanish town
10h 2m 54s
ThumbailTaylor Swift watches Chiefs game from Travis Kelce’s box as dating buzz intensifies
10h 15m 52s
ThumbailN.J. Senator Menendez says he expects to be exonerated from federal bribery charges shorts
10h 20m 57s
ThumbailMenendez says he expects to be exonerated from federal bribery charges
10h 22m 34s
ThumbailAutoworkers say there's no end in sight for their strike | ABCNL
10h 23m 47s
ThumbailTaylor Swift sets romance rumors ablaze at Chiefs game
10h 29m 20s
ThumbailMenendez Won’t Step Down, Vows to Fight Corruption Charges
10h 30m 30s
ThumbailPennsylvania cop arrested for improperly committing ex-girlfriend to mental facility: DA shorts
10h 30m 30s
ThumbailGet a first look at Reba McEntire on ‘The Voice’ Season 24
10h 30m 52s
Thumbail'Shark Tank' star Robert Herjavec answers viewer questions on debt, cyber security | GMA
10h 45m 50s
Thumbail‘Baby hulk’ with rare condition defeats the odds: ‘It’s a very magical story’
10h 45m 52s
ThumbailPassengers hang upside down on malfunctioned ride
10h 56m 32s
ThumbailRock star: Sasha DiGiulian reflects on her journey as a rock climber
11h 33s
ThumbailBoy Runs After Dad When He Didn’t Get His Goodbye Hug shorts
11h 41s
ThumbailWoman found dead in alligator’s jaws identified
11h 10m 38s
ThumbailHear Menendez explain why he had large sums of cash at home
11h 11m 49s
ThumbailKerry Washington discusses reaction to new memoir l GMA
11h 15m 48s
ThumbailInflation Cools, But Consumers Say Prices Are Still Too High
11h 30m 2s
ThumbailWhy Factories Are Coming Back To The U.S.
11h 30m 24s
ThumbailMorgan Freeman narrates ‘Life on Our Planet’: Get a first look!
11h 30m 39s
ThumbailWATCH: Sen. Menendez holds a news conference after indictment
11h 36m 34s
Thumbail'Pretty big deal': Retired general on Ukraine's claim about Russian admiral
11h 58m 20s
ThumbailThe Beats Studio Buds Plus bring translucent tech back. But are they any good?
12h 30m 35s
ThumbailUkraine: Russian Missiles Strike Odesa Infrastructure
12h 30m 46s
ThumbailSenate Dems on new Biden polls: 'More concerning' than expected
12h 53m 12s
ThumbailUS Government Shutdown Looms: What You Need to Know
13h 45m 50s
ThumbailPresident Biden hosts a meeting with the President's Board of Advisors on HBCUs
13h 58m 5s
ThumbailHollywood writers reach ‘tentative’ deal to end strike
14h 6m 47s
ThumbailCancer Survivor Uses Woodturning Skills to Make Wig Stands
15h 28m 11s
ThumbailPassengers stuck hanging upside down
16h 1m 14s
ThumbailDog Kisses Rescuer shorts
1d 5h 30m 37s
ThumbailCamel Herd Has a Beach Day shorts
1d 8h 30m 19s
ThumbailIs Rishi Sunak planning inheritance tax giveaway?
1d 9h 31m 9s
ThumbailOsiris Rex: NASA asteroid mission could reveal secrets of life
1d 9h 33m 57s
ThumbailLondon police officers are handing in their guns
1d 9h 36m 38s
ThumbailWATCH: NASA spacecraft flings asteroid sample to Earth
1d 9h 58m 8s
ThumbailLawmakers point fingers amid looming government shutdown
1d 10h 3m 20s
ThumbailPotter's Shirt Gets Stuck in Wheel shorts
1d 11h 30m 13s
ThumbailWe bought a $10 smartwatch from Temu. Here's how it stacks up against the Apple Watch Shorts
1d 11h 30m 29s
ThumbailWatch the moment NASA capsule lands on Earth
1d 11h 32m 50s
ThumbailNews catch-up: Government shutdown looms, strikes continue, Fed leaves rates unchanged
1d 15h 30m 12s
ThumbailGoodbyes are hard: A panda's struggle with his farewell cake
2d 7h 30m 56s
ThumbailThe Truth Behind ‘Unlimited’ Vacation Plans
2d 11h 30m 19s
ThumbailCarjackers follow driver home and pull him from his Aston Martin in his Connecticut garage shorts
2d 11h 30m 32s
ThumbailUS Tourism Is Back, But Hotel Workers Aren't
2d 13h 30m 33s
ThumbailWhat you need to know about 2024 Democratic presidential nominee Marianne Williamson shorts
2d 15h 30m 19s
ThumbailWhite House press briefing with Press Sec Karine Jean-Pierre
2d 20h 53m 52s
ThumbailBiden announces WH office to halt gun violence
3d 7h 3m 28s
ThumbailWhite House creates a federal office for gun violence prevention shorts
3d 7h 7m 36s
ThumbailSenator Menendez and Wife Indicted on Bribery Charges
3d 9h 40s
ThumbailLIVE: ABC News Live - Monday, September 25 | ABC News
3d 11h 12m 20s
ThumbailFederal prosecutor announces bribery charges against Sen. Bob Menendez
3d 11h 15m 21s
ThumbailNew Jersey’s Menendez, wife indicted on bribery charges
3d 11h 21m 37s
ThumbailHow Car Makers Are Switching To EVs | CNBC Marathon
3d 11h 30m 1s
ThumbailThe Catchup: The week's biggest politics stories from a likely government shutdown to the UAW strike
3d 11h 39m 40s
ThumbailWith honks and heart, UAW members continue auto strike
3d 12h 16m 23s
ThumbailBiden, Zelensky meet in the Oval Office
3d 14h 15m 54s
ThumbailZelensky: ‘America has saved millions of Ukrainian lives’
3d 14h 35m 29s
ThumbailWhite House press briefing with Press Sec Karine Jean-Pierre
3d 20h 49m
ThumbailLIVE SOON: Zelensky gives a speech at the National Archives
4d 3h 54m 22s
ThumbailThe second largest economy in the world is in trouble. Here's why. Shorts
4d 11h 30m 40s
ThumbailZelensky visits the U.S. Capitol to meet with lawmakers
4d 11h 38m 50s
ThumbailWhat happens during a government shutdown
4d 13h 10m 58s
ThumbailSpartz compares Justice Department to KGB
4d 14h 24m 1s
ThumbailHighlights from Garland's testimony to House committee
5d 7h 9m 34s
ThumbailCould Deep-Sea Mining Fix The Global Minerals Shortage?
5d 11h 30m 47s
ThumbailHow Consumers Can Manifest Inflation
6d 11h 30m 49s
ThumbailWorkers Are Striking And Americans Are Into It | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
7d 3h 41m 54s
ThumbailBitcoin’s Next Bull Run: Three Big Trends To Watch
7d 11h 3m 41s
ThumbailDriving The World’s Fastest EV — The $2.1 Million Rimac Nevera
8d 11h 30m 47s
ThumbailWhy The NYC Subway Is Such A Mess
9d 11h 30m 42s
ThumbailPresident Biden’s Ambitious New Plan To Help Student Debt, Explained
10d 11h 30m 7s
ThumbailTest-Driving The Volkswagen ID. Buzz
11d 11h 30m 47s
ThumbailSouthwest Airlines is testing new ways to make boarding planes more efficient Shorts
12d 11h 30m 48s
ThumbailThe Rise Of Robots | CNBC Marathon
13d 11h 30m 42s
ThumbailWhy Biden Is Losing Support Among Voters Of Color | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
14d 4h 32m 37s
ThumbailWill Electric Roads That Charge EVs Become Mainstream?
14d 11h 30m 47s
ThumbailIs Donald Trump The Inevitable GOP Nominee? | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
19d 3h 51m 3s
ThumbailLessons From A Trump-Less Debate
32d 8h 40m 11s
ThumbailWhy the GOP is holding its first debate in Wisconsin
34d 1h 39m 11s
ThumbailHow Well Can You Tell The 2024 GOP Candidates Apart? | FiveThirtyEight
34d 16h 1m 5s
ThumbailWhat The GOP Primary Looks Like In The Early States | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
35d 5h 57m 35s
ThumbailWhat's The Deal With The GOP Debate Criteria? | FiveThirtyEight
39d 11h 57m 55s
ThumbailThree Georgia Law Professors Weigh In On Trump's Latest Indictment | FiveThirtyEight
41d 6h 16m 12s
ThumbailWho Is The Likeliest GOP VP Candidate? | FiveThirtyEight Politic Podcast
42d 7h 45m 48s
ThumbailThe 2024 Election According To The Country's Best Pollster | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
49d 4h 48m 23s
ThumbailWhat Trump's Latest Indictment Means For 2024 | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
54d 9h 16m 53s
ThumbailWill The Hottest July On Record Affect Views Of Climate Change? | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
56d 3h 10m 13s
ThumbailWho’d Win A Trump-less GOP Primary? | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
63d 2h 15m 32s