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ThumbailSinkhole opens up in Calgary's Silver Springs community
2h 1m 38s
ThumbailCalgary trench collapse traps one person
2h 6m 21s
ThumbailCalgary Police investigating suspect involved in dangerous driving incident
2h 14m 50s
ThumbailCalgary Police seek help in locating woman missing since 2013
2h 22m 12s
ThumbailNo protections against discrimination because of poverty: B.C.’s Human Rights Commissioner
3h 6m 31s
ThumbailKitsilano store offering space for pop ups after crash
3h 12m 6s
ThumbailUkrainian teen choked by classmate at Maple Ridge school: family
3h 14m 15s
ThumbailCBC News: The National | Trump indictment, Smoke and wind, N.B. LGBT policy
3h 36m 16s
ThumbailNiall Horan Shares Girlfriend’s REACTION To Writing Songs About Her On New Album | EXTENDED
3h 46m 52s
ThumbailDonald Trump indicted for mishandling classified documents
4h 1m 53s
ThumbailNew York City covered in orange smoke from Canadian wildfires
4h 31m 49s
ThumbailCanadian wildfires: Smoke hangs over Toronto, poor air quality prompts cancellations, warnings
4h 47m 5s
ThumbailToo late to save arctic sea ice in the summer, study finds
5h 2m 9s
ThumbailN.B.'s changes to LGBTQ policy at schools could bring down government
5h 8m 3s
ThumbailQuebec wildfires: Over 13,000 people prompted to leave their homes
5h 16m 59s
ThumbailTrump says he's been indicted in classified documents case
5h 22m 22s
Thumbail“These are significant actions”: BC government promises to help for busy Surrey hospital
5h 32m 9s
ThumbailTheMoment New Yorkers told Canada to take its smoke back
5h 36m 19s
ThumbailJune 8: François Legault provides an update on Quebec's wildfires
5h 45m 38s
ThumbailDrought-stricken B.C. residents stressed by another potential water crisis
5h 46m 21s
ThumbailUkrainian rescue teams helping flood victims shelled by Russians
5h 46m 25s
ThumbailSuicides among teen girls spiked in 2018 and researchers don’t know why
5h 46m 30s
ThumbailSmoky haze engulfs much of U.S. East Coast
5h 46m 34s
ThumbailSmoky skies in Toronto with Ottawa, Kingston, Ont., getting a respite
5h 46m 38s
ThumbailIs Poilievre’s Liberal budget pushback a strategic pivot?
5h 46m 41s
ThumbailHostility harming LGBTQ2 representation in Canadian politics
5h 46m 58s
ThumbailGlobal National: June 8, 2023 | Wildfire smoke polluting air at record-breaking levels
6h 16m 59s
ThumbailCalgarian says theft at CTrain parking led to house break-in
6h 42m 10s
ThumbailVideo captures crash of city bus that left woman dead, several others injured in Mississauga, Ont.
6h 52m 5s
ThumbailCalgary heat wave can wreak havoc on cars
6h 59m 11s
ThumbailWestJet takes partnership with the Calgary Stampede to new heights
7h 4m 22s
ThumbailNDP confirms victory in two close-fought Calgary ridings
7h 10m 30s
ThumbailFormer U.S. President Donald Trump says he's been indicted over classified documents handling
7h 23m 16s
ThumbailCalgary Mayor rides the CTrain to highlight progress on transit safety
7h 23m 57s
ThumbailFront Bench: Bill C-47 passes in the House of Commons | Power Play with Joyce Napier
7h 27m 49s
ThumbailWhat wildfire resources is the U.S. deploying to help Canada | Power Play with Joyce Napier
7h 27m 53s
ThumbailFront Bench: Pushback to Liberal proposed hybrid parliament | Power Play with Joyce Napier
7h 28m
ThumbailWhy are the Liberals pushing for a hybrid parliament? | Power Play with Joyce Napier
7h 28m 4s
ThumbailIn 2 years, climate change could cost Canada $25 billion annually, report says
7h 54m 38s
ThumbailNew Brunswick premier willing to stake his job over LGBTQ policy changes
7h 54m 42s
ThumbailHot classrooms spark concerns among Manitoba teachers
8h 32m 26s
ThumbailTom Holland on his thrilling new series "The Crowded Room"
8h 46m 50s
ThumbailNova Scotia wildfires: Halifax officials permit more evacuees to return home on Friday
9h 37s
ThumbailCanada raises interest rates: What's behind this decision, and how can middle-class Canadians cope?
9h 20m 5s
ThumbailWhy budget-conscious Canadians are planning road trips this summer
9h 30m 6s
ThumbailBC wildfires: More hectares already burned this year than 16 of last 20 seasons | LIVE
9h 37m 4s
ThumbailCanada wildfires: Air quality a major risk for those living outside
9h 53m 50s
ThumbailMISSISSAUGA TRAGEDY: Woman dead after bus crashes into stopped vehicles
10h 6m 31s
ThumbailWhat happens when you breathe wildfire smoke? shorts
10h 20m 30s
ThumbailAndy Cohen, Ramona Singer And More Stars React To Canadian Wildfire Smoke
10h 31m 16s
Thumbail‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion ‘Bombshell’ Revealed: Raquel COMES CLEAN About Timeline Of Affair
10h 36m 19s
ThumbailHayden Christensen Reflects On ‘Star Wars’ Bringing Him ‘Financial Stability’
10h 58m 51s
ThumbailMaitreyi Ramakrishnan Teases How ‘Never Have I Ever’ Love Triangle Ends
11h 13m 33s
ThumbailMP quips Trudeau "admires" China's dictatorship as Liberals say Conservatives idolize other nations
11h 19m 30s
ThumbailLocal baseball legend plays in Thunder Bay Border Cats home opener
11h 22m 50s
ThumbailWhat is 'review bombing' and why is The Little Mermaid a target? | About That
11h 56m 12s
ThumbailIs a recession needed to cool Canada's economy? | About That
11h 56m 16s
ThumbailWildfire smoke and your health: what you should know | About That
11h 56m 19s
ThumbailCanada wildfires: Biden says more resources being deployed north as smoke blankets some US cities
12h 2m 23s
ThumbailBATRA'S BURNING QUESTIONS: How do interest rate hikes help Canadians with affordability?
12h 3m 7s
ThumbailToronto has poor air quality right now. How much of a health risk does that pose?
12h 10m 31s
ThumbailMore Than Meets The Eye: Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts Star Anthony Ramos Says New Chapte...
12h 35m 7s
ThumbailWatch the New York City sky turn orange shorts
12h 47m 20s
Thumbail‘The Kardashians’ Recap: Kim Kardashian Admits She’s A ‘Lights Off’ Girl In The Bedroom
12h 49m 55s
ThumbailWILDFIRE UPDATE | U.S. has sent elite smokejumpers to Canada, more aid coming: Biden
12h 53m 51s
ThumbailMaren Morris, Drag Stars Slam Anti-LGBTQ Bans | PRIDE
13h 7m 17s
ThumbailAir quality in Canada | Doctor advises to mask up over wildfire contaminants in the air
13h 13m 39s
ThumbailLala Kent Reveals She Has Mixed Feelings About Raquel Leviss After ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion
13h 33m 31s
ThumbailLalaKent says she has mixed feelings about RaquelLeviss after VanderpumpRules reunion | SHORTS
13h 47m 54s
ThumbailFormer CSIS spy Huda Mukbil on fight against terrorism, discrimination
15h 19m 51s
ThumbailNeverHaveIEver cast reveal if fans will be ‘satisfied’ with the ending 👀😅 | SHORTS
15h 50m 44s
ThumbailDriver threatens to hit cyclist during alleged road rage incident in Toronto
16h 20m 44s
ThumbailPoilievre to PM: Cancel summer vacation, work on new budget
16h 24m 33s
ThumbailPQ derides Legault's response to municipalities asking for climate funding
16h 45m 44s
ThumbailPQ leader puzzled by Quebec's decision to bring in firefighters from abroad instead of Montreal
16h 45m 48s
ThumbailBill 96's website warnings won't protect French, Liberals charge
16h 56m 31s
ThumbailFrench language commissioner's focus on the language spoken at home is misplaced, Liberals say
16h 59m 38s
ThumbailAs wildfires rage on, Québec solidaire calls for commission on forest management
17h 11m 48s
ThumbailDiaspora groups are calling for public inquiry into foreign interference
17h 13m 19s
ThumbailDirt Cheap: Growing vegetables from the produce aisle in your garden
17h 17m 19s
ThumbailSigns of health issues due to poor air quality | Dr. Samantha Green
17h 40m 9s
ThumbailHere's the air quality outlook across the country | CANADA WILDFIRES
17h 54m 14s
ThumbailWildfire smoke delays flights at airports in Philadelphia, New York City
17h 56m 15s
ThumbailTesting water quality of Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River
18h 20m 21s
ThumbailPete Davidson Speaks Out After HEATED Voicemail To PETA
18h 22m 20s
ThumbailFirst deaths reported in Ukraine flood zone near Kherson
19h 39m 44s
ThumbailU.S. school board protest turns violent over Pride month
20h 12m 24s
Thumbail'RHONJ' Fans SLAM Andy Cohen For Screaming At Housewives
20h 15m 59s
ThumbailActor Elliot Page speaks out about transgender rights
20h 16m 25s
ThumbailFresh plume of wildfire smoke heading to southern Ontario Thursday
20h 21m 59s
ThumbailThe history of Edmonton’s river valley runs deep
20h 26m 18s
ThumbailVancouver Island wildfire | Highway 4 closure cutting off communities
20h 34m 12s
ThumbailCBC News: The National | Smoky Canada, Interest rate hike, Elliot Page
1d 1h 1m 33s
ThumbailCBC News: The National | Smoky Canada, Interest rate hike, Elliot Page interview
1d 3h 28m 16s
ThumbailTheMoment a marmot got under the hood
1d 5h 29m 19s
ThumbailPrince Harry fires back at tabloid lawyers in phone-hacking case
1d 5h 32m 22s
ThumbailShannen Doherty Reveals Stage Four Cancer Has Spread To Her Brain
1d 8h 45m 6s
ThumbailLIBERALS EMBARRASS OUR MILITARY: Canadian soldiers short of gear
1d 10h 2m 55s
ThumbailNotorious serial killer Paul Bernardo could eventually get out of jail
1d 10h 9m 45s
ThumbailGUILBEAULT PLAYS ABSURD BLAME GAME: Attacks Conservatives, but not China, on climate change
1d 10h 30m 41s
ThumbailCan the PGA Tour and LIV Golf play nice?
1d 11h 57m 50s
ThumbailLong Ball: Is Kevin Gausman the best pitcher in the AL?
1d 13h 2m 30s
ThumbailCAUGHT ON CAMERA: Treadmill fall robs woman of her pants
1d 16h 26m 34s
ThumbailMr. Montreal, Terry DiMonte, says there are no potholes in British Columbia | The Corner Booth
1d 19h 5m 46s
ThumbailLILLEY UNLEASHED: David Johnston’s appearance at HoC on China’s interference did not go well
2d 10h 3m 39s
ThumbailPRIDE MONTH: Drag queen story time event at Toronto school
2d 10h 32m 33s
Thumbail2021: Surveillance footage shows man firing multiple shots in downtown Montreal
2d 13h 10m 37s
ThumbailThe most insidious Ottawa rumour against Justin Trudeau
2d 13h 57m 20s
ThumbailJohnston asked why his account of CSIS intel differs from O'Toole's
2d 15h 26m 52s
ThumbailHOT MIC: Teacher tells Muslim students skipping LGBTQ events is not Canadian
2d 15h 33m 41s
ThumbailJagmeet Singh tells David Johnston he should step down
2d 15h 55m 10s
ThumbailDavid Johnston tells MPs he will not step down despite vote
2d 15h 58m 39s
ThumbailAt Senate hearing, QCGN voices concerns about Bill C-13
2d 16h 11m 49s
ThumbailDr. Joe Schwarcz discusses scientific knowledge
2d 16h 47m 5s
ThumbailCANADA'S MONSTER: Serial killer Paul Bernardo is on the move. Who is this animal?
3d 9h 10m
ThumbailCAUGHT ON CAMERA: Husband slaps man he accuses of sexually assaulting his wife
3d 10h 32m 55s
ThumbailCanada prints warning labels on cigarettes while handing out free opioids
3d 12h 33m 15s
ThumbailFrançois Legault provides update on Quebec forest fires
3d 12h 45m 24s
ThumbailSUN SPORTS ROUNDTABLE: Biggest takeaways from Treliving's first day as Maple Leafs GM
3d 14h 40m 5s
ThumbailEXPROPRIATED: Tibet Shoppe to be shuttered to make way for Metrolinx Ontario Line
6d 10h 32m 45s
ThumbailSurveillance footage of Crescent St. shooting
6d 13h 5m 52s
ThumbailCôte-St-Luc phone message responds to 311 recording
6d 17h 59m 48s
ThumbailFisheries minister "on the warpath" to close down fishery, says First Nations leader
7d 13h 11m 4s
ThumbailBill 96: Message to English callers on Montreal's 311 line
7d 13h 53m 11s
ThumbailPoilievre and Trudeau mock each other over lack of non-political experience
8d 9h 45m 24s
ThumbailThe French version of O Canada is extremely non-woke
8d 10h 42m 35s
ThumbailLawsuits reflect how CAQ is "allergic to any criticism," Québec solidaire charges
8d 13h 33m 21s
ThumbailPoilievre calls on Trudeau to drop Johnston from role investigating foreign interference
9d 9h 40m 9s
ThumbailFormer CSIS officer says Canada needs an inquiry into foreign interference
9d 9h 49m 57s
ThumbailWhy this guy could topple Trudeau whenever he wants to
9d 9h 59m 33s
ThumbailErin O’Toole says CSIS told him China tried to discredit him during 2021 election
9d 11h 49m 43s
Thumbail“Safe Snorting” Kit Handed Out At Bc School
10d 10h 20m 59s
ThumbailVideos show fiery scene as people flee Nova Scotia wildfires
10d 14h 16m 3s